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What Jennifer Rice Will Bring to Edmonton if Elected

Jennifer Rice will bring the following to Edmonton if elected:

1. Personal Strengths that align with what City Council needs:

  1. A rational thinker with relevant professional experience and a clear understanding of government business operation, government finance, and budgeting.

  2. High work ethic with a commitment to working full time in her city councillor position.

  3. Action-oriented leadership, willingness, and ability to collaborate with all other city councillors and the mayor.

  4. Ability to make data-driven and evidence-informed decisions.

  5. Personal values of Integrity, accountability, excellence, listening to people, and respect.

2. Commitments for actions as reflected in Jennifer's Platform:

Jennifer is committed to focusing on delivering core municipal responsibilities, and in doing so, balancing the equation between tax dollars people pay and the services they receive. This is reflected in Jennifer's five key priorities and action list:

  1. Filling potholes, maintaining roadways and sidewalks, and keeping the snow cleared.

  2. Enhancing community safety, including setting the right speed limits.

  3. Getting value for our tax dollars and encouraging economic development.

  4. Caring for our green spaces and improving community appearance.

  5. Ensuring access to recreational facilities and setting our community leagues up for success.

  6. Revisiting garbage collection frequency.

  7. Supporting our seniors and caring for our vulnerable.

There is one more month to go before the city election on October 18th. Please continue to support and vote for Jennifer Rice!


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