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About Jennifer

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My name is Jennifer Rice, and I’m running for City Councillor in Edmonton Ward Ipiihkoohkanipiaohtsi (former Ward 10), where I’ve resided for over a decade.  I look forward to bringing my professional qualifications and passion for serving our community to Edmonton City Council. 

I have hands-on experience within Alberta working in government business operations, finance and budgeting, all of which will help me serve you effectively on City Council.  I have held a number of leadership roles at the provincial government level, including managing financial and project management reporting on a public infrastructure budget of nearly $1 billion, and working with over 100 community-based organizations across Alberta to serve community and family safety and homeless prevention programs. 

I am both capable and committed to moving our city towards a greater focus on our core municipal responsibilities. This means ensuring our city’s projects, programs and services are delivered in a more relevant, efficient and effective manner.  I am also committed to avoiding continuous tax hikes by increasing our city’s fiscal efficiency and supporting local business development by shortening the amount of time it takes to get a business licence or permit.  Most importantly, I’m committed to listening to Edmontonians before making major decisions that affect their every day lives.

Some highlights of my experience that will support me as your representative on City Council include:

Financial management and government business operations experience

  • Managed financial and project management reporting on a nearly $1 Billion public infrastructure budget.

Community and family safety and homelessness prevention experience 

  • Served community and family safety programs as well as homeless prevention programs.

Government policy and program evaluation experience  

  • Evaluated the performance of government policy and programs to ensure public accountability.

Community volunteering and leadership experience  

  • Since 2010, volunteered for multiple community efforts including leading projects and serving programs related to community services, education, parenting, welcoming newcomers, and coping with the pandemic.  Plus, served as the Volunteer Director on the Board of Directors of a Community League within Ward Ipiihkoohkanipiaohtsi.

Teaching background 

  • Experienced university professor specializing in mathematics and education.

If you have any questions for Jennifer Rice, please get in touch.

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